Leadership and Management Development Capabilities

Enterprise Ireland can help you develop your leadership and management capabilities and staff in two ways.

    1. Management Development Programmes
    2. Tailored Company Management Supports
    3. Masterclasses


1. Management Development Programmes

We offer customised management development programmes, delivered in collaboration with leading international providers, to inspire you as business leaders, to equip you with the tools and techniques to operate more effectively and to build international scale.  Our leadership and management programmes will build the capabilities you need and deliver real and lasting impact, and results, for your company.


Excel at Growth - Suite of Short Programmes

Enterprise Ireland is developing an accessible Suite of Short Programmes which aim to address the growth challenges of EI client companies. The content of these short programmes has a very practical focus providing participating firms with tools and frameworks that can be easily implemented in-company. Clients can self-select onto programmes which are appropriate to them at a given point in their company growth journey. Each short programme involves a virtual classroom, a 1-day face-to-face implementation workshop along with a follow-up 2-hour in-company management team advisory session. Learn more at Excel at Growth Workshop Series.


Innovation 4 Growth

The Innovation 4 Growth Programme is specifically designed to meet the needs of ambitious and entrepreneurial Irish companies seeking to use innovation as a way to unlock opportunities in the marketplace.  Targeting management teams this development programme will fast-track companies through an end-to-end innovation learning and practice journey and support the delivery of one or more innovation initiatives in each participating company. Programme participants will be assigned a business adviser coach for the duration of the programme who will support the development of each company's innovation initiative from concept to execution. Learn more at Innovation 4 Growth Programme


Leadership 4 Growth Programme

The Leadership 4 Growth (L4G) Programme is delivered by world-class executive education organisations. L4G combines world-class faculty, exposure to and engagement with highly successful entrepreneurs, a unique coaching and mentoring approach and practical strategy execution support that will provide inspiration, knowledge and skills tailored to your specific business. A critical element of the success of this programme comes from its focus on executing your strategic goals.  This involves the CEOs and their senior teams working through assignments between modules, relating to the challenges and opportunities facing their company. Learn more at: Leadership 4 Growth Programme.


Go Global 4 Growth

Go Global 4 Growth is targeted at ambitious SME top teams from all sectors, committed to adapting and evolving their business functions to prepare for global growth. The programme offers participants world-class, SME-customised management education, delivered by Ireland's fastest growing University; Dublin City University. Together, Enterprise Ireland and DCU have designed a unique and innovative blended learning programme where top teams will learn from the best and apply that learning in-company to support their global growth. Learn more about Go Global 4 Growth.


2. Tailored Company Management Supports

Enterprise Ireland can work with you and your management team to understand and assess your company’s management development needs and to put in place tailored solutions to facilitate and strengthen your management team to ensure continued growth.  Supports available include:


Spotlight on Skills

To respond to our clients’ skill challenges, Enterprise Ireland is collaborating with the Department of Education and Skills and the Irish Management Institute (IMI) to support client companies to identify and address skill needs through our Spotlight on Skills Workshops, being run regionally throughout Ireland. Learn more at Spotlight on Skills.


Enterprise Ireland Key Manager Grant

The aim of the Enterprise Ireland Key Manager Grant is to provide partial funding towards the cost of recruiting a new key manager/employee with skills that are critical for the development of your business.  The support is towards the cost of one key manager/employee for one year. The Key Manager Grant is not a mechanism to subsidise general recruitment. Learn more at: Enterprise Ireland Key Manager Grant.


Strategic Consultancy Grant

The aim of the Strategic Consultancy Grant is to improve the strategic capability of a company by supporting the hiring of outside consultants to assist in the development and implementation of strategic activities of the company.   It is designed to facilitate business growth as the consultants can act as coach, mentor, counsellor, facilitator, analyst, negotiator and/or operator for the company. Learn more at: Strategic Consultancy Grant.



Companies can request the appointment of a Mentor from the Enterprise Ireland Mentor Network to advise on issues relating to developing and executing an international sales strategy.   Mentors are successful senior executives who volunteer to advise clients based on their own business experience. The Network has over 400 active mentors who make a real contribution in our client companies, bringing about change, removing barriers to growth and enabling strategic success.  Learn more at: Mentors.


Business Accelerators 

Enterprise Ireland can help companies retain the services of a Business Accelerator - an industry expert within a specific sector and market, with the experience, knowledge and contacts to support the company’s expansion into new markets.  Business Accelerators come from the front lines of industry worldwide, with the relevant sales and marketing experience to advise and guide Irish companies on accelerating their export growth. Under the Enterprise Ireland Internationalisation Grant, funding of up to 50% is available to companies working with a Business Accelerator.



LeanStart provides an introduction to Lean concepts and allows you to gain an understanding of what the tools and techniques can do for your company in a short, focused engagement.  The initiative is designed for companies that are unfamiliar with, and lacking capability in, business process improvement methodologies such as Lean and/or other best practice methods specific to particular business sectors (e.g. 'Agile' in the software sector). For more information, go to LeanStart.  For our productivity improvements supports, go to Productivity and Building Competitiveness Section.

3. Masterclasses

The purpose of this "How to Become a more Persuasive Leader" workshop is to provide you with tools and techniques to improve your communication skills with the goal of becoming more visionary, charismatic, and ultimately persuasive. These tools—which will help give you “presence”—have been shown to work in most kinds of situations requiring interpersonal influence, whether pitching to venture capitalists, briefing a new team, or motivating an employee.
You will understand why individuals identify with charismatic leaders and which methods and tactics are most effective when influencing others.
At the end of the workshop, you will practice projecting a vision that sticks, and become comfortable to draw on a coveted ability to get others to do great things: Charisma.  Learn more at "How to Become a more Persuasive Leader".