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Adelaide Chambers
Peter Street
Dublin 8

Niall O Hearcain



Silansys was set up in Ireland in 2002 as a mixed-signal semiconductor development company.  Our focus is on innovative reliable product development in challenging applications and environments. Our expertise from system design to silicon and embedded firmware includes diverse applications from Mobile Consumer to deep-sea Oil & Gas and into Space. 

Silansys has won repeat business from OEM and large semiconductor customers for wireless and high speed serial communications, sensors, control and power-management. Texas Instruments awarded Silansys with a prestigious Supplier Excellence Award.



Silansys has been developing and supplying turnkey niche products in harsh environment and high temperature applications since 2009.  Products for 225 degC Oil & Gas applications include geophysical and environmental sensors and motor drive/control applications with a very high level of integration of digital, analog and HV power technologies. Our package assembly, test h/w, ATE, characterisation and qualification partners have significant experience in space, aerospace, defense and automotive applications. 

Silansys’ ability to define and deliver complex standards-compliant and proprietary products from specification to completed tested product is testament to our broad range of expertise and the quality of our supply chain partners.

Service Domains

  • Satellite Technology

Technology Domains

  •  On Board Data Systems

Main Space related products, services and projects

Silansys capability starts from engagement with scientists to develop a system specification through system modelling, IC architecture, full Electrical Specification and datasheet, IC and FPGA design and verification, embedded firmware development, probe and package test, wafer saw, assembly for signal and power pins, visual inspection, characterisation, radiation testing, qualification, test h/w and application driver s/w development. 

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