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MEAS Ireland (Betatherm) Ltd was established in 1987 at Galway, to serve the temperature requirement for the European market. The company started operations on a small scale but steadily built up an extensive customer base and a broad range of products. This growth and development was due to the technical expertise of the company and also to the customer service it provided.

Becoming an established force in the NTC Thermistor Industry, it participated in the general economic growth associated with the electronics sector from the mid-1980's onwards. During this period, the growth of MEAS Ireland (Betatherm) Ltd exceeded the industry average and the company developed additional expertise in producing high specification sensors for an expanding global market.

Significant milestones in the development of the company include:

  • Achieving ISO-9001 and ISO-9002 approval as a supplier of NTC Thermistors and assemblies in 1994.
  • Becoming a supplier of components for major projects in the Aerospace Industry.
  • Obtaining ESA QPL qualification in 2001.
  • Purchase of Betatherm and YSI by Measurement Specialities in 2006.

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MEAS Ireland (Betatherm) Ltd is dedicated to providing the best technological and innovative approach to all of our served markets. The company has been supplying both NTC Thermistor components and probe assemblies to the Aerospace and Space industries from the beginning of 1994. Since then, the company has embarked on a qualification programme for its thermal control products in conjunction with the European Space Agency (ESA). This has resulted in MEAS Ireland (Betatherm) Ltd inclusion in the ESA European Preferred Parts List (EPPL) since October 2000. Betatherm achieved ESA qualification in 2001.

MEAS Galway has successfully supplied flight parts to all the Major European Space Programmes and is currently involved in the design of thermal control products for new Aerospace applications.

Service Domains

  • Satellite Technology

Technology Domains

  • EEE Components and Quality

Main Space related products, services and projects

MEAS is a unique sensor business that combines the strengths and experiences of several merged companies to resolve challenging physical measurement problems. Our products have a proud lineage from pioneering work IC sensors to MEMS technology and Schavitz inductive position sensing.

During the last decade, we have significantly expanded our product offerings and enrinched our technical capabililties through additional strategic acquisitions.

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