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Irish Precision Optics
22 Summerhill North 



Irish Precision Optics is a High Tech SME specialised in Precision state-of-the-art Optics and Optical coatings for Space Technology, Optical & Photonics systems and  Industrial Lasers with wavelengths ranging from 157nm vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) to 20 micron in the long-wavelength Infra-red (LWIR).

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Service Domains

  • Satellite Technology

Technology Domains

  • Optics


Irish Precision Optics provides expertise in the following:

  • Precision Optical Coatings for Space Applications (design through - fabrication + production).
  • Direct deposition, packaging & patterning of Optical Filters on CCD, CMOS and MCP arrays for multi-spectral imaging for Space application.
  • Solar Blind Filters for sun-sensors for Space applications.
  • High laser damage threshold robust Optical Coatings for Space and Space-related LIDAR applications (running contract with ESA).
  • Thick robust metallic coatings on low payload CFRP lightweight plastic material for Space applications.
  • High heat rejection filters for Solar observations.
  • Ultraviolet bandpass filters for Forest fire detection.

Main Space related products, services and projects

IPO is currently involved with ESA (European Space Agency) and its prime contractors towards the design and development of several leading–edge Technology Programmes related to Optical Coatings.


IPO has large Optical Coating Plants equipped with the following:

  1. Proprietary Real-time Precision Optical Monitor.
  2. Diagnosis, calibration & control of Optical & thermo-mechanical properties of Precision Optical filters during transition from ground to Space  Environments.
  3. Cryogenic vacuum.
  4. In-house Evaluation & Test facilities for Precision Optical Coatings

These coating plants can accommodate substrate diameters up to 950 millimeters for Space and astronomical applications.

In addition to Space–related coatings, precision optical coatings for other applications currently designed & manufactured by Irish Precision Optics are:

  • State-of-the-art Precision Optical Coatings for the VUV laser wavelengths for  Eye Corneal Surgery (193 nm).
  • Optical Coatings for Large diameter (up to 800 millimeters) high Optical power lasers for Nuclear Fusion (1064 nm, 532nm & 355 nm) research in large National Laboratories as well as for Astronomical applications.

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