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Office Location & Contact Detail s

InnaLabs® Ltd
Blanchardstown Industrial Park
Snugborough Rd
Dublin 15

José Beitia
Chief Technology Officer

+353 1 809 6200

Michael Pentony
      Vice President of Sales & Marketing

+353 1 809 6200



InnaLabs® is a leading supplier of inertial sensors.  Established in Ireland since 2011, InnaLabs®develops and manufactures tactical and navigation grade inertial sensors for a broad range of applications, including space.

InnaLabs® offers a range of accelerometers and gyroscopes that meet the stringent current and emerging requirements for precision stabilisation, navigation and orientation applications.


  • Stabilization control of antennae or electro-optical systems
  • Short range navigation
  • Control of rotating systems

Innalabs image 2

Service Domains

  • Launchers
  • Satellite Technology

Technology Domains

  • Space Systems Control
  • EEE Components

Main Space related products, services and projects

  • Industrial grade single and dual axis gyroscopes (bias stability of <50 degrees/hour).
  • Tactical grade single and dual axis gyroscopes (bias stability of <10 degrees/hour).
  • We offer gyroscopes in a range of form factors, and can develop customized solutions to meet unique mechanical envelope requirements.

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