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FAZ Technology
9c Beckett Way
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Dublin 12

Chris Leonard
EVP Business Ventures

+353 86 855 7081



FAZ Technology (FAZ) Limited was established in May 2012 as a spin-out company from Intune Networks, financed by Fugro N.V, a Dutch based global leader in earth science services with operations in 53 countries.

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FAZ is focused on the development of high precision, real-time fibre optic sensing solutions for a wide range of industries such as the aerospace; oil and gas; marine transportation; structural health monitoring; and chemical/pharmaceutical process control.

Service Domains

  • Satellite Technology
  • Launchers

Technology Domains

  • OptoElectronics

Main Space related products, services and projects

FAZ is developing a variety of optical sensing solutions which includes: 

 The FAZT Vx and FAZT Ix family of optical interrogation platforms built upon a semiconductor tunable laser that can be packaged for a variety of harsh operational environments.

 A portfolio of next generation optical sensors built by FAZ and FAZ 3rd party partners for:  optical mass flow measurements; multi-species gas detection; temperature, pressure, acoustics, vibration, sheer, and strain.

 A suite of web and cloud enabled software applications for the display, management, and tracking, and data mining of 1,000s of sensors and hundreds of interrogators based on specific market applications and functions.

FAZ has been selected by the European Space Agency (ESA) for a number of technology development programmes for next generation launchers, and on-board satellite health monitoring. The on-board satellite health monitoring programme is a particularly challenging programme that requires complex engineering for the harsh environments experienced by geo-stationary satellites. Extensive testing will be conducted to test the system to withstand high levels of radiation, vacuum, vibration and thermal testing.

Key features of the system are:

ParameterFAZT VxFAZT IxUnits
Wavelength range1528-15681528-1568nm
Acquisition rate1,000500Hz
Absolute wavelength accuracy+/- 1+/- 1pm
Wavelength repeatability/noise level<0.01<0.02pm
Temperature absolute accuracy+/-0.1+/-0.1°C
Strain absolute accuracy+/- 1+/- 1µ€

FAZ Technology has established an extensive portfolio with Enterprise Ireland through ESA programmes:

  • GSTP4 High speed tunable laser interrogator for spacecraft health monitoring;
  • GSTP5.1 Development of an ultra-high sensor count optical interrogator array;
  • FLPP2.2 Digital avionics architecture on on-board computer and photonics;
  • ARTES5.2 Hybrid Sensor Bus (HSB) for telecommunication satellites.

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