Sterling Impact Calculator

Enterprise Ireland has developed a new tool for Irish exporters to the UK to help them understand the impact of movements in the sterling/euro exchange rate on their business.

It also picks up ‘natural hedges’ in a company’s business through purchases sourced in Sterling.

To use the calculator:

  1. Input the company’s key annual figures (sales, cost of sales and overheads).  These can be derived either from the previous year’s accounts or the current year budget.
  2. Input the average Sterling exchange rate applicable to the year’s figures.
  3. Input the Sterling element of sales and purchases.

The Calculator then demonstrates the bottom line effect of a range of Sterling rate movements.

Your data and results are confidential – only you will be able to view them. The information you enter is not stored in any way or associated with your visit to this website.


Enter in your Base Currency Rate:     £

Pre UK Referend​um

SalesCost of SalesGross ProfitOverheadsNet Profit

Sterling Element

SalesCost of SalesGross ProfitOverheadsNet Profit
Calculations below are in Euro.


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