Doing Business in East Africa - June 2018, Dublin - Presentations

The Enterprise Ireland ‘Doing Business in East Africa’ seminar and networking event focused on one of the fastest growing regions of Sub-Sahara Africa. East Africa has a population of more than 300m people with a growing middle class currently estimated at 10% while 3 of the top 10 fastest growing economies in the world are in East Africa.

The event aimed to give Irish companies an overview of the market opportunities in East Africa, to provide practical information regarding the mechanics of exporting to the region, how to partner with East Africa based companies, and to focus on the sectors that are most attractive for Irish exports. Speakers included market experts and those with direct practical experience of doing business in East Africa with experience relevant to multiple sectors across industry. Participants heard from and networked with both African and Irish executives with such experience.



Understanding the East African Market
Paul Ouma, Kenya National Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KNCCI)

Doing Business in Uganda
Dr Ian Clarke, Chairman, International Medical Group and Clarke Group Ltd, a serial Irish social entrepreneur and member of Ugandan parliament based in Uganda

Agriculture Sector in Kenya
Mucai Kunyiha, Director, Cooper K- Brands, leading agricultural distribution company in the region

Health Sector in Kenya
Dr Amit Thakker, Co-Founder of Avenue Healthcare; an entrepreneur and a ground-breaking pioneer in the integration of healthcare management in Africa

Doing Business in East Africa
Ruth Barnes, Vitro Software

Tola Mobile
Shay Hamilton

Doing Business in East Africa
Damien O'Sullivan, CEO, ECDL Foundation

Inflight Dublin Case Study
John White, Inflight Dublin



Lisa Källbäck

Trade Representative Kenya

Enterprise Ireland

Lisa Källbäck